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On May 23, 1934, they drove into an ambush on Highway 154 in Louisiana, and were killed by police in a hail of bullets. By the time of their deaths, Bonnie and Clyde were so famous that souvenir-seekers at the scene attempted to make off with locks of their hair, pieces of their clothing and even one of Clyde's ears.


In February 1932, he and Bonnie reunited, and embarked on a crime spree with a small group of men, robbing banks and small businesses. By 1933, the gang was wanted for several murders, including the deaths of various law enforcement officials. The infamous couple managed to elude authorities for nearly two years, becoming two of America's most well-known outlaws along the way. After the murder of a police officer in Oklahoma, by gang member Henry Methvin, Bonnie and Clyde were pursued for weeks.


​By late 1929, at the age of 20, Clyde was already a fugitive from the law, wanted by authorities for several robberies. In January 1930, Clyde met a 19-year-old Bonnie Parker through and was immediately smitten. But after spending much time together during the following weeks, Clyde was arrested on auto theft. Once in prison, a lovesick Bonnie smuggled a gun into the prison for him. On March 11, 1930, Clyde used the weapon to escape, but was captured a week later. Clyde was sentenced to 14 years.


​Clyde Barrow was born on March 24, 1909, into a poor farming family in Telico, Texas. Clyde, who was a small and unassuming boy, attended school until the age of 16 and had ambitions of becoming a musician, learning to play both the guitar and saxophone. However, under the influence of his older brother, Buck, Clyde soon turned to a life of crime. Beginning with petty thievery, then graduating to stealing cars, Clyde soon escalated his activities to armed robbery.

The Story of

Clyde Barrow


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