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The Commission

The Commission as we like to call it is the governing body of Whackd formed in 2021 by a team of visionaries who grew up with a passion for mafia stories and movies. Taking that along with their passion for the Cannabis industry and its medicinal and recreational uses and advantages in our life and society. We’ve worked tirelessly to present a brand that would exceed usual expectations with a focus on design, quality, aesthetics and excellence. We have a team of highly skilled designers with limitless creativity who have brought our vision to life. 

Whackd is a history lesson, it’s an escape and nod to different times, times forgotten to make way for the future. We’ve taken everyone’s liking of the Roaring 20’s era and style and combined it with the prohibition of that time as a reflection of the prohibition of current times as the cannabis revolution continues.

We hope you enjoy are vision and efforts as much as we do. Your pleasure is our objective and would be an honorable achievement. 

Intro to Market

Whackd begins its introduction to market with a line of THC vape pens, both expressive and restrained, creating a world around the brand's promise of superiority. Providing an unforgettable experience of the highest quality achievable of our premium small-batch cannabis.


Small-batch flower is sourced from premium harvests from our favorite farms across Oklahoma to formulate the highest quality thc distillate on the market. 

Presently available for your pleasure in the Oklahoma State market.

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